Photo taken by Edith Volgyi

Awaken your Soul

Feeling of the void: you might have felt it before….An inner emptiness, a gnawing feeling that something or someone is missing. How to get rid of these anxious thoughts? How to fill the void?
You try to fill it with food, drinks, cigarettes, sex, lovers and it keeps coming back…I think it is caused by spiritual emptiness therefore can not be eliminated by those means.

Spiritual emptiness is the product of today’s society that values money, materialism, power, ambition, dominancy and social status over relationships, families, ideas, philosophy and art.
What to do about it? Well lets make a shift, lets focus on your soul.
Awaken your soul. Lets implement a spiritual detox for a real change. Through meditation, yoga and Reiki practice we cultivate and increase our own healing energy that will nurture our soul. Do things with love. Our actions will define and create us. We cultivate our own integrity. We need to also cultivate empathy towards our selves. Accept our mistakes, decisions with the understanding that we will learn from it. Detach yourself from self-blame and let the pain disappear. Practice empathy for yourself and you will free yourself from the burdens of self-blame and self-doubt. You will feel free and light and you can move on to do things with love.
Follow the Reiki principles of :

1. Do not be angry
2. Do not worry
3. Be grateful
4. Work with diligence
5. Be kind to every living thing (including yourself).



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Edith Volgyi

Edith is a person who enjoys reading, writing, painting and other art forms. Edith is a teacher. She was born in Budapest, Hungary. She lives in Toronto.