5 things to do to lower you anxiety

Edith Volgyi
1 min readDec 26, 2020
  1. Skating:

Is a terrific way to air your head out. Feel the fresh air, the wind on your face while you slide and glide with easy. You focus on your body and the way it moves forward. You simply can not spend time on anxious thoughts at the moment.

2. If you can’t skate: jog

Similarly to skating this moving of your body will require enough focus and effort on its own… no room to worry

3. If you can’t jog: walk

Same movement as before, just more leisurely, also gives you a chance to observe your surroundings and absorb nature. The air will clear your head.

4. If you can’t walk: listen to classical instrumental music

Beautiful music has the power to fill us with peace and pleasure instantly.

5. If you cant listen to music: listen and focus on your own breath, this is your own music…

This is the best technique to fight anxiety in the middle of the night, the soothing rhythm of your own breath will calm your mind and body.

Nothing is more important then you: so just breathe



Edith Volgyi

Edith is a person who enjoys reading, writing, painting and other art forms. Edith is a teacher. She was born in Budapest, Hungary. She lives in Toronto.